Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Go Ahead, Make My Day"

I have joined the ranks of the ones who cling to their guns and religion. I already had the religion part down, now I'm packin' heat.

My father-in-law got me a Smith and Wesson 9mm for Christmas. It was one of those not so surprising presents, but a much appreciated one. I talked for months about how I wanted to get a shotgun and handgun for home protection. And with a stroke of his index finger pointing high in the air, my father-in-law declared "Tony, I know what I'm getting you for Christmas". And here it is:

Not only did I get a handgun, I got a reaction out of my dad and brother like I just gutted my first kill or changed my first tranny. They could not wait to get me out to the range. So I met them the day after I was laid off from my job. No pent up aggression to release there, eh?

So I first watched my brother shoot a few and then decided I was ready to give mine its maiden voyage. For someone who has never fired anything more than a .22, all I can say is WOW! The flames, the recoil, the flying casing. It was amazing. But it did also make me very aware of the gravity of firing handguns and believe me, I don't f&*k around with it. It was fun, but in a Las Vegas kind of way(a couple of days and you've had enough).

I got to fire my brothers' laser sighted Glock. I had better accuracy than him(and he said it out loud). I also fired my dad's .357 which seemed no different than firing the 9mm with it's solid steel body and all.

All in all it was a good time to be with my dad and brother, who I don't see that often and bond in a way that only they have shared.

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