Friday, January 23, 2009

Life Lesson Opportunity Falls in Our Laps

You know how you look for examples to teach your kids about consequences of actions? We got a cold hard dose of reality to use last night. Here's the article, courtesy of, below:

Driver Arrested After Fatal Tulsa Traffic Accident

Driver Jailed After Fatal Tulsa Crash
TULSA, OK -- A crash in the 5000 block of East 31st Street leaves a 20-year old man dead and the driver in the Tulsa County jail.

The accident happened at 10 p.m. Thursday near the 31st Street exit ramp of the Broken Arrow Expressway.

Tulsa Police say a car driven by 18-year old Joel Jaimes was traveling westbound on 31st Street, lost control, causing the car to flip several times and coming to rest on its top.

Police say an unidentified passenger in the car was killed and Jaimes took off on foot.

"Through quick and subsequent investigation, officers were able to locate the driver who fled the scene after the collision. He was located at a local business and taken into custody," said Tulsa Police Captain Jonathan Brooks.

Jaimes was arrested outside a nearby nightclub.

Police says Jaimes was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints of 2nd degree manslaughter, DUI and leaving the scene of an injury accident.

The name of the passenger has not been released pending notification of next of kin.

As we were heading home from seeing K's parents in B-ville, our 8 yr old said, "There's fog up there". As we looked up 31st St, there was smoke everywhere. We thought a car had been on fire. So, the rubber-neckers that we are, we drove through the intersection to take a look. There was a car overturned in the opposite lanes and then two Mexicans ran past us on foot! They were running from the scene. We quickly pulled a U-turn to follow these guys while we also called 911. They cut across the street, through the intersection to climb up under the overpass. So we followed and pulled another U-turn to keep a better eye on them and report back to the dispatcher. Once they realized we were still there, the older of the two flipped us off as they ran around corner of overpass towards a local strip club, so conveniently located near our home.

As we turned toward it we saw one of the two go in to the club and we lost sight of the other one. So I pulled in to the club and the dude ran out right in front of us. At this time, I thinking, 'this guy is right next to us and could have a gun'. So we drove through parking lot, back on to the street as he ran across street to hide. Then the bouncer came out in chase. He caught the suspect across the street and we pulled a fourth U-ey to park at the club(not to go in, really I mean it). It was all I could do not to jump out and kick the guy in the face since I was all hopped up on adrenaline. But I was aware of our child and held it together enough just to yell nonsense at him; which K reminded me of the rest of the night.

The police finally showed up, we explained the situation and were told to wait to make a statement. It wasn't until a few minutes later that we learned that there was a third guy, in the overturned car, that was dead. So now we are witnesses to a possible vehicular manslaughter.

All in all we got to explain to our daughter that 1) you don't run from the law, 2) you don't drink and drive, or 3) people can and do die.

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