Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do I hear Barry White?

I'm sitting at the table looking through my Family Handyman magazine and I look over to see Lola making sweet, sweet love to her penguin. Mind you, the penguin is twice the size of our 5.1 lb Chihuahua but she is bound and determined to have her way with it. You would have thought that the spaying would have taken care of this 'urge'. The 'urge' that makes the kids come running, "Hey Lola is hopping up and down on the penguin like this!". To which we reply, "Just leave her alone and she'll get it out of her system. She has a disorder."

"What's a disorder?"

"Nevermind, isn't Hannah Montana on?"

"Oh I think so, hey look a butterfly!"

No, spaying hasn't deterred Lola in the least. I don't know if it's her telling us, "Don't mess with me, I'm the boss of this penguin" or what.

sweet sweet Lola love

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Anonymous said...

lolie piscollie and her penguin....of all the things to get attached to! just shows you there is someone for everyone!