Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Total Money Makeover vs. Valentines

So I did the obligatory flowers for Valentines; not one to go with the pack I went with Gerbera Daisies instead of roses. What I would REALLY like to do is to go out for DINNER. We had an awful lunch today after picking up the 4Runner from the tire store(part of our Total Money Makeover).

It was a recommended Mexican place near the tire place. A dead giveaway should have been that there were no Mexicans working there or eating there. Yes, that is correct. I think my 'combination' burrito was a combination of refried beans and Manwich. Smothered in a scrumptious helping of Ricardo's canned cheese. Or commonly referred to as Ballpark Nacho Cheese. Urp.

Back to the makeover. My wife got on a roll of listening to Dave Ramsey's radio show while at work. And we decided, as a couple, that we would get on the debt reduction bandwagon. After reading Dave's book we were ready to go. It is not an easy task. It takes more discipline than anything else I can imagine, but the results are easy to see. We have not used a credit card in 10 months and we are starting to snowball our debt. But we're still climbing UP the hill and we haven't come close to the peak. Once we itemized EVERY penny that went out of the bank account it became obvious where we could make cuts in spending.

So here I sit with a belly full of cheese, that may or may not come up before the night is through, the wifey happy with a bouquet of flowers for Valentines, and a few more dollars left in our wallets.

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