Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who's Wilco? I got Radiohead tickets!!

Fortunately for me, Ric called last night to ask if I wanted to try and secure two tickets to Radiohead in Dallas. My reply, "Hails yea! They're coming to Dallas?! Are you sure it's not a tribute band?" Yes, May 18th they will be at the Smirnoff Center, which I believe used to be called the Starplex ampitheater. Ahh, yes, where I saw one of the first Lollapalooza's. Check out this lineup Violent Femmes(who filled the spot for Fishbone on that stop), The Rollins Band, Butthole Surfers, Ice-T's Bodycount, Living Colour(the whole purpose for my presence), Souixie and the Banshees and last but not least Jane's Addiction. Can you believe that list?! Back when alternative was alternative, eh?

So today at 11:55 I started the call to Ticketmaster and online refreshing every 10 seconds to make sure I got through in some fashion. Finally 12 noon hits and I get right in to the website. "you are in line for tickets, it will be no more than 1 minute", sweet!, "it will be no more than 2 minutes", hey wait this is going the wrong way! It took about 3 minutes, or an eternity in my eyes, to get two tickets. With pre-sale and all, we ended up with reserved seats midway back right of middle stage. At least they're under the awning and not on the grassy knoll(in Dallas but not by the book conservatory...)

Radiohead is one of those bands that I've followed from the beginning. You probably all remember "Creep" from their first album, Pablo Honey. Not really one of their better albums, not really an omen of what they would evolve into either. Next was The Bends, which was quite the rocking album, that spawned "Fake Plastic Trees" and "High & Dry". But OK Computer was the artistic breakthrough that, as a band, they never looked back from. Presently they're riding the press of offering they're new album In Rainbows to fans online; only asking for contributions of what we feel is appropriate. Even if you wanted to pay zippo. I'll never say what I paid for it, wink wink.

It doesn't hold the same appeal to me that Hail to the Thief and all their previous works hold but it is still Radiohead and I'm finally going to get to see them live. Kind of a 'U2' moment for me if you will.

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Anonymous said...

It's go time in Dallas. Packing my numchucks for protection, my combat boots for kickin stuff, and a spider monkey, simply because you never should leave home without one. 3 ounces of herbal essence later and I'm ready to rock like a hurricane. I hope they pan in on you over the big screen doing the robot.In case I get the pan in, I'll be the one with spider monkey scratches on my face.-Tree