Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Lonely End of the Rink...

The silence is deafening as we impatiently await word on whether Champcar & the IRL are going to merge. It seems that the wagons have been circled after word leaked (or didn’t leak) out on Thursday. Oh to be a fly on the wall in Motegi

It may be silent on that front but I must endure eight hours with Nick the atheist and his sidekick Parrish the hobbit as they burn through hours of babble like, “if you have a time machine and go back in time to shoot the inventor of a laser gun, would you still have it in your hand after you off him?”. I’m serious; they waste upwards of 50% of their work day with nonstop banter.

Here’s what I ponder, “when the heck will I find a meaningful, fulfilling and challenging job away from these social retards?” Then I answer that question with “looks like never”.

A little bit of background – I came from a telecom company where I was a circuit designer and contract negotiator after that. Unfortunately telecom is as turbulent as a Cessna flying over the Rockies on a windy day and our group was let go after a buyout. Next I moved into business analyst role with an IT company that handled the billing for energy clients; great job, freedom, telecommuting, etc. (wrong company). Flash forward to now; working as an estimator for a manufacturer of retail fixtures. Not glamorous or challenging. Some days I think my brain is oozing out my ear from lack of use. I get more use of it by watching Power Rangers with my four year old.

All this makes me look forward to my daily lunch date with my wife where we meet at home for her delicious Crockpot leftovers for about 20 minutes. It makes my day. Todays menu is leftovers from our weekend lunch at Halim & Mimis; a local Lebanese restaurant that is incredible. We purposely avoided devouring our lunches so that we could get a second meal out of them. Unfortunately for me, she is booked on Mondays through lunch.

So off I go to the lonely end of the rink.

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