Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings

That additional hour of evening daylight is an anticipated event for months. Now we’ve got that time to take a walk at dusk or get a little more yard work completed before calling it a night; and when the temperatures no longer fluctuate like a buoy on a choppy lake, watch out!

But with this hour comes the ripples felt on Monday morning. Sure we change the clocks on Saturday night before hitting the sack. And, of course, we also have Sunday to adjust. But it doesn’t make up for that Monday morning roll out of bed and ‘now you’ve got to go to work’ stupor. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone and nothing can help me shake it.

No amount of coffee has helped. Do you know what one of the most amazing inventions is? The single cup coffee brewers. My wife, K, has had one and at first was reluctant to use it. Not that it was as intimidating as changing a timing belt on a BMW 318i or landing an F18 on the deck of an aircraft carrier. It was the fact that we need MORE coffee than it can provide.

We likey our coffee first thing in the morning.

I did not used to be like that. I was more of an OJ guy with coffee in the winter months. Not so with K. And it’s rubbed off on me. I now have the sauce of gold (not to be confused with my queso below) every day. She even has the nerve to call me a coffee snob! So what if I prefer the Sumatran beans to the Kenyan or Colombian (did I just say that?). It’s all good.

But with the single cup thingamajig you get a hot cup within seconds - FAST. The only drawback is that it is expensive to buy the k-cups ($10 for a box of 25). Much cheaper to buy a bag of ground coffee beans but the convenience is irreplaceable. No mess, no fuss, add more water to the reservoir and you’re ready to go.

I’ll continue to wash my gullet with cup after cup this morning trying to shake this daylight savings funk, while the caffeine jitters keep me from handwriting beyond a first grade level. By tomorrow I’ll be adjusted and ready to go.

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