Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frontage Road Free For All

If it were not for frontage roads, over Easter weekend (oh sorry, that’s not PC enough – spring holiday – so now we have to water down one of the two most important Christian holidays for non-Christians??), you may have read in the paper about a man whose head popped off while he was in traffic.

For our trip down to San Antonio, K and I planned to stay overnight at her sisters’ house in Waco. Leave T-town at 4-ish and get to Waco at 10pm. No problem. Unless you run into a major interstate that has been shut down to one lane due to a flat bed semi being tossed over like a empty box by the wind. And it was WINDY. I felt like we were the port a john after a bean chili eating contest.

Jumping off the highway at the first opportunity was the best decision we ever made. It probably shaved a good 40 minutes off our delay. The same thing happened near downtown Ft. Worth (this time due to construction). Again we hit the frontage roads. Although when the nicest building you see is the gentleman’s club then you’ve probably found the bad part of town. We still arrived in Waco almost 7 ½ hours after we began our journey.

Friday was the same story, different towns. Austin was absolutely terrible near downtown. The difference? No frontage roads and lack of knowledge of the area. With that traffic, don’t count on me as a return visitor unless it’s for Austin City Limits Music Festival or SXSW.

It just reaffirms my opinion that Texas should go ahead and secede from the Union like they want to (said somewhat tongue in cheek).

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