Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What happened to the Easter in Easter?

I read my previous post and got myself all fired up.

The whole spring holiday thing is the latest in a long line of events in which our society is being secularized (unfortunately, I’m not smart enough to know if that is even a word). First we lost Christmas; it’s now Happy Holidays. No sign of Christ in that at all. Can’t have a cross bigger than a menorah. Can’t have a menorah bigger than a tree (not a Christmas tree, mind you). C’mon give me a BREAK. Now it’s Easter. It’s the new spring holiday? Here’s a little definition of Easter: It is the day in which Jesus Christ rose from the tomb on the third day, after his crucifixion, which was in fulfillment of the scriptures. THAT’S what Easter is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the Easter Bunny(especially the one that lays Cadbury eggs), but when people start stripping the religious meaning out of a holiday that IS RELIGIOUS, something is very wrong. When will it end?

What is our country becoming? Must we continue to water down every religious holiday to appease the secular progressives on their way to ridding America of Christianity? Not only that but also revise history books to take out any references of Christianity and what role it played in the formation of our great country? Oh that’s right; we have to leave all that ‘churchy stuff’ out for the atheists in the schools. You even have talk show hosts like Oprah praising all the New Age mumbo jumbo through ‘A Course in Miracles’, which basically tells you that you are equal to God.

As our moral compass becomes less and less defined we will continue to erode the moral fabric of our nation. Things that were once taboo or immoral will become the norm. Does it sound alarmist to talk like this? Sure, but we need to realize that we’re heading down the same path that Rome did and it fell. It may not happen in our lifetime or our children’s lifetime but I think what happens in today’s society will surely lead us in that direction.


Anonymous said...

maybe...the antichrist is "society" and the final plague is atheism...(is that a word?) there must be a full breakdown in our society for Christ's return to save those of us that didn't succomb to society's ways but had the courage to stand firm on our Faith and beliefs....hmmm....

fullycompletely said...

Interesting take. That's a good possibility.