Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome to Suckville, USA

A week of vacation by a co-worker can do wonders for you. It’s practically your own vacation without using your PTO(paid time off).

Senior Droopy, as I call him, is a curmudgeon that has become the biggest pain in my arse. For one he likes to be the keeper of information; the employee that knows a way to do something in Excel or has a formula put together to make your job easier but doesn’t divulge that information for the betterment of the team. That, in itself, would not send me over the edge but add to it the contrarian attitude that Droopy puts out on a daily basis and you get a feel for my frustration. He also feels he has to ‘check up on me’, see how I’m ‘coming along’. Never mind that I’ve been in the group now for 6 months and unofficially a ‘senior’ based on the projects that I am given each week.

Or maybe it’s the fact that, when I was talking to the Hobbit, Droopy came up and interjected a completely unrelated issue for five minutes; and as he walked off, ripped a big fart. Hey, I can rip it with the best of them, but coming from Droopy it was damn near an HR incident. The stranger thing is, I don’t think he knew that he beefed.

Yesterday, unfortunately for us (me) his week of vacation ended and he was back to work. After half the day, he walks up to my desk, “You haven’t said one word to me all day. You must not like me”. To which I replied, “I said good morning”. Maybe it was the tobacco drool he had in the corner of his mouth that kept me from socking him one with my Jack Johnsons.

Then he had a maniacal laugh and walked back to his desk to hoard his useless information.

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