Friday, May 2, 2008

LOST - Something Nice Back Home

Once again, Oklahoma spring weather has denied me of my favorite 1 ½ hours of television. The Office and LOST were shown (or not shown) with complete interrupted service. That is, if you chose, you spent that time watching every single local affiliate tracking storms as they passed through Green Country. So we resorted to cable channels, mainly Ace of Cakes on the Food Network.

Ok. On to LOST(which I watched online this morning before taking Child #1 to school).

What we know:

  • Jack has an on-island appendectomy and is none the worse for wear; He’s sweeping wike a babeh
  • Claire has gone of into the jungle, sans Aaron, with ‘her Dad’(is it Jack’s dad as well???)
  • Sawyer has another zinger of a one-liner, “I hate Chinese first thing in the morning”. I darn near spit out my morning coffee on that one
  • Juliette is just plain spacey at times
  • Jin figures out that Charlotte can speak fluent Korean and threatens to break all of her colleague’s fingers if she doesn’t come clean. Jin is a bad A
  • Hurley tells Jack that the Oceanic 6 are all…….DEAD! Could he be right??? In his words everything is too perfect

My thoughts:

  • The Oceanic 6 may very well be dead
  • Kate is fulfilling some wishes of Sawyer which pushes Jack over the edge. This must begin his downward spiral in the flash forwards
  • How come the militia are still alive? Smokey didn’t off them like we thought
  • Jack had no scar from the appendectomy in his flash forward; hmmmmm
  • And why does Jack get sick, on the island, right before they are to be ‘rescued’?


Crystal said...

Yes, Jack and Claire have the same dad. That was revealed a couple of seasons ago in a flashback.

I do not think the Oceanic 6 are dead. I have read lots of interviews with the writers and producers of the show and they repeatedly firmly state that show in no way represents heaven, hell or purgatory. But they do keep throwing that in to keep everyone off the real track.

Other people have gotten sick on the island. Ben got cancer and Rouseau's ship mates all got sick and died...according to her. Not everyone is magically healed like Rose and Locke. (Remember Boone's grisly end?) Locke apparently has some mystic connection to the island...I dont' know about Rose yet but I was glad to see Rose and Bernard taking an active role again.

Check out my blog for all of my other outrageous theories.


fullycompletely said...

I don't remember that it was conclusive that they were bro & sis; I thought we just saw the back of the old doc at Claire's house in that flashback. Maybe I missed that...