Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where Are We Headed?

The never ending increase in fuel prices has got me playing out all types of doomsday scenarios in my head. The local Sunday paper even had an article about people that have “headed for the hills”; that is they’re living off the land, stockpiling firewood & drinking water, growing their own food, the whole nine yards.

And you know what? I don’t think there’s anything remotely crazy about it. Or maybe I’m crazy for thinking they’re not crazy? I can’t decide.

The main point of this is that there is a peak of global oil production, and after that peak is hit (some think it has already happened) the world’s oil supply will begin to decline with demand continuing to go up. U.S. dependence on foreign oil could set us up for this quicker than others. Too bad the tree hugging liberals won’t give up the Alaskan outback for drilling. Did you know that by drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil will become the world’s 3rd largest crude oil producer? No country is faced with the regulations that the U.S. is and it is putting us in a terrible bind. One day the liberals will regret this but it will more than likely be way too late.

Here’s what my gut tells me:

• We have hit that peak
• A liberal Congress will never pass legislation to open up areas, rich in oil, to drill, which would decrease our dependence on foreign supplies
• It will be economically impossible to drive to work. My guess is that we are headed to $7/gallon for gasoline. Ethanol is not our savior; in a way it may limit our farming areas for produce
• Due to extremely high fuel prices our food prices will jump through the roof (hell, milk is already almost $4/gallon)
• Home heating will have to be limited due to high fuel costs
• Suburbia will no longer be the golden chalice that so many think it is
• Rail systems and other forms of mass transit will be imperative to a city’s survival as people will not be able to afford to drive to work
• Our country could be in total chaos for those who were caught with there pants down
• Solar and wind power will be gold(I wish I could afford to retrofit my house with solar)

That’s what makes these ‘survivalist’ seem, not so ‘on the fringe’ to me. They’ve taken steps to prepare for the worst without joining the ranks of a Hale Bopp cult.

Of course I have no educated basis for this. I’m not an elitist ‘better than you’ lefty. I’m a Biological Science major for heaven’s sake. But I believe we are in for some very hard times as a society; and there may be no way to avoid them. But I will do what I can to best prepare my house of five for the worst.

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