Friday, May 9, 2008

LOST - Cabin Fever

Last nights episode went uninterrupted by weather, FINALLY! And what a great episode it was:

  • Richard Alpert shows up after Locke is born; and again when he is 6 years old. But leaves in disgust after he presents John with a test of sorts.
  • Abbadon inspires Locke, by suggestion(again showing Locke can be duped), to go on the walkabout in Australia thus sealing his fate aboard the Oceanic flight.
  • John, Ben & Hurley find the cabin and only John will enter meeting, not Jacob, but Christian and Claire.
There's more but these were the highlights of a fantastic episode.

  • I think now more than last year that time travel is the main theme of the show and experiment the Dharma Initiative.
  • Did Claire die in the house explosion and now shows up with Christian? She seemed very content; possibly aware of her fate and that of Aarons?
  • More evidence of the time travel is Richard's appearance throughout. He never changes.
  • Is Abbadon collecting souls like the demon(worst of the worst) in Revelations? My K last night said, 'all the Christians, like us, that are watching this will end up finding out this is all about Satan.' To which I replied, 'I don't think so, but God would prevail if that's the case' She thinks it's a 'Bermuda Triangle' by the way. I do think that you can draw a ton of Biblical references throughout the show and I don't think they should be overlooked...
  • Widmore's mercenaries tried to kill Michael and of course he cannot be killed. Is it all because of where he is in time?
  • What's the device that was strapped to his arm?
  • Is Richard Locke's true father? Disgusted that he picked the wrong items and that he was not "ready"?
  • To save the island Locke is told to........MOVE IT. Is this through a mechanical mechanism or through time?
I cannot wait for more episodes like last nights.


Stella and Thomas said...

I think you may be right about Abbadon. I agree...there has been tons of Biblical references.

Crystal said...

I do not think Richard is Locke's father but I think Ben and John share the same mother. Both of their names were Emily and the timeline fits, as far as their ages are concerned. We alredy know who John's father is anyway. I would say that it could be a stepfather or foster father or something along those lines...but their kidney's matched. That was the whole point.

Cassie said...

Where is Richard now? I mean, he keeps showing up in flashbacks and flash-forwards, but is he supposed to be on the island right now or what?