Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best thing since sliced bread(almost)

If you've ever done any spackling around the house you never quite know when to sand. There is a compound out now that is pre-made and works like a charm.

You apply it to the area you need to spackle; in this case it was a hole from where I removed a recessed toilet paper holder(K needs a fancy schmancy brushed bronze one to match the light fixture-yes, dear).

The cool thing about this stuff is that it goes on pink, and as it dries it turns white. As you can see below, it is not quite fully dried so no use in trying to sand it down yet.

Just wait until you have full on white and you're good to go. It's called Dry Time Indicator Spackling by DAP.

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Anonymous said...

this is awesome...and pink for girls!!! I seriously need to know how to do this because I too have toilet paper holes and a major hole in the garage....so if you have just a little holes you spread this over it and you are ok to sand and paint...but then for a big one you have to actually cut sheet rock???? can you do a post about that next? how about you start doing

"Saturday's in the Garage" posts!!!
or "fix it man fix it!"
or "here's how, try it do it!"