Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yes, dear

Spring has sprung and oh how the winds of change are in the air. I like to tease K because we both are basically project managers. She's a Planner by title and I'm an Estimator by title. I've managed large scope and small scope projects. And when we have a project to accomplish at the house there are no two people that can scope it out and get it accomplished(I mean, we painted a wood paneled living room in a few days-and we're talking, sanding, priming, painting and trim painting).

HOWEVER, while TD suffers from a mild case of procrastination, K suffers from severe scope creep. If you've taken any PM training scope creep is when things get tacked on to a project that are not allotted for monetarily or time wise. K's creep is more like, "Man doesn't this paint look great on the walls!! Oh, this window sill looks rotted, I think we should tear it out and replace the window and possibly put in new gutters while we're at it"

'yes, dear', I reply with my tail between my legs.

I've learned it's best not to be argumentative and just go with it; chances are those tasks will be forgotten when it's discovered you have to build a raised flower bed before it's time to seed this Spring.

Here's my list so far:
  1. Take ceiling fan out of extra room and put it in kid #2s room(it gets freaking hot in there already)
  2. Take ceiling fan out of our bedroom and put in kid #3s room
  3. Put new ceiling fan in hole that was left in our bedroom ceiling
  4. Install new bathroom vent in our master bath(ok, ok, we've had the vent fan now for 6 months and I haven't gotten it done yet)
  5. Change fuel filter on K's BMW
  6. Figure out why her BMW door panel is falling off and fix it before her head explodes
  7. Aerate front lawn
  8. Plant Bermuda grass by June
  9. Install new front door
  10. Paint guest room
I came home early from work today and edged the front lawn, mowed it and bagged all the leaves in the flower beds. I'm already wincing as I brace for K's inspiration from what I've done. "You know, it would look really good if we moved the front porch over 10 yards to the south and built an arbor"

'yes, dear'

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