Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Don't Believe This Was On The List

As luck would have it, there was water droplets under the kitchen sink. K, "I think the disposal is broken". Me, "Let me see, no it looks like it's coming out of the cold water line to the faucet." After toweling off the drops, "I stand corrected; it is the disposal."

Notice the food particles in a nice smattering on the disposal. Notice the McGuyver tape job. Flash backwards a few months, "Hey, where did that screw go?" Now flash forward two hours after dinner as the disposal is engaged, 'chink, thwack, chink, thwack' and so on. "Found the screw" And the screw found the side of the disposal.

Yep, shot right through the side of the disposal like a bullet shot out of a gun. We did the McGuyver repair job and it worked just fine until this weekend.

So Mr. Handyman had yet another project attached to his list. And in no time flat I had the old one out and the new one in. Now we're the proud parents of a brand new bouncing Badger I.

And everyone knows that, pound for pound, the badger is one of the fiercest animals around.

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