Monday, April 14, 2008

Mr Mom Monday

Here's a great plan ahead deal for kids school lunches. Make a whole loaf of bread into PB & J sandwiches,

You know, peanut butter on one side, jelly on the other. Put each individual sandwich in a ziploc bag and place back in the bread bag that should now be empty. Voila!

Put the whole bag in the freezer and each morning, pop a new sandwich into the kiddos lunch sack. By lunch time the sandwich will have thawed out and no one is worse for wear. That just saved me time that I can devote to doing absolutely nothing before I go to work!

1 comment:

meeciteewurkor said...

Hey that is such an awesome idea!
I'm wondering if it'll work with bologna/cheese sandwiches. umm.. for me?

I always find it hard to make lunch in the morning while fumbling around with the coffee. Think I'll give this a shot and see what happens!