Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Open Wheel Wednesday

Probably one of the saddest situations in the unification of American Open Wheel Racing is that of former Champcar Series racer, Paul Tracy. Who is the most recognizable driver to come out of Champcar in the past 10 years? Paul Tracy. Who is the one driver, who should have but does not have a ride in the unified series? None other than Paul Tracy.

Sure he may be a little long in the tooth(he’s 39, which is old by open wheel standards), but he drives balls out – every weekend. This guy has no fear and drives his car on the line(and sometimes over) every single moment.

Now we find out that he will not even be representing Champcar in their swan song at Long Beach. Can you believe it?! The relationship between Tracy and Forsythe, and Forsythe and open wheel racing has soured to the point of bitterness with all fans. It’s one thing to be staunchly against the IRL, it’s quite another to hold your driver in his contract out of spite and then not field cars for the unified series.

Tracy is now free of Forsythe but has been unable to find a ride. Crowds at the St. Petersburg race were treated to a great coming out party for the old Champcar teams and also Graham Rahal, but it rang hollow for me. It was missing Paul Tracy.

It remains to be seen if Paul will be in the Indy 500 or the rest of the unified series schedule. Word has it that Tony George may field another car for him within Vision Racing.

At this point, I don’t even care if it’s a competitive car. I just want Paul Tracy doing what he does best; race.

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