Thursday, April 3, 2008

There Was a Connection...Sort of

On the way home from our dinner at my dad’s house the kids make their obligatory request, “Can we listen to Radio Disney?”

Anything that will keep them occupied for more than five minutes is good enough for me and K. You won’t mind listening to it as long as you enjoy hearing a shuffle play of what seems like no more than ten songs. Of course we’re talking about short attention spans so I get it.

On this night, though, we heard Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. You may remember this tune from way back when; when it wasn’t played at every sporting event known to man. And lo and behold, child #2 makes the statement, “this is the song they play at the stadiums”.

Without missing a beat children #1 through #3 are all clapping there hands and yelling ‘we will, we will rock you’. And with impeccable timing child #2 asks, “Can you turn it up, this is the good part” right before Brian May starts wailing through his famous guitar solo. Talk about goose bumps!

Meanwhile K and I were reliving our childhood, “I had this on a 45”, and “My aunt had the 8 track album”

I think we all had a connection…….until MileyHannahJonasBrothersMontanaCyrus came back on.

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