Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Chihuahua

I think we either have the most stubborn or the laziest dog for her age.

She absolutely hates anything other than warm weather(well she is Mexican and would rather have the summer heat coming down on her ya know). Under inclement conditions you have to keep a set of eyes on her; all the way out the doggie door. But don’t let you guard down, because she’ll do a quick U-turn just to check for a clear path back inside. Then once she’s in it’s nothing for her to ‘drop trou’ wherever she pleases. She’s got her special places for that though. It can’t be on bare floor, which would be easier for us to clean. It MUST be carpeted and warm if possible. Remember, she hails from closer to the equator than most of us.

But that’s not the best part. When you’re calling for her to go into her crate she tries to ‘not make eye contact’ as if she’s in a line for potential volunteers to peel potatoes or clean grease traps. It’s downright comical the way I can look under a blanket for her, see her, say her name and she’ll keep turning her head away thinking, “he won’t see me if I don’t make eye contact”. Maybe not that intelligent, maybe more along the lines of “this soft, crate not, don’t look”.

We enjoy the doe headed rat, but K and I continually say, “we had her sign a DNR form” in which we are not to take heroic measures to save her in the event of a disaster(man made or otherwise).

So she better keep Mrs. Peepers pointed to the ground. The outside ground.


Anonymous said...

YOU love her the most and don't try to deny it!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

and ummm yea, have you read your wife's post today? who is outside with you helping in the picture??? hmmmm...don't see the kids or K anywhere.....nope its the Mexican...right there to cheer you on and hand you the wrench and pee on your sweat towel..or drink your drink for you!

T - again

fullycompletely said...

She'd surely pee on that towel if it was INside!

She favors red over white wine and any beer(preferably Mexican).