Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BMW Oil Change Light Reset

Just because I got the oil changed in K's car, doesn't mean I'm off the hook yet. Look below, "Tony I've only got one bar!?". Which in some weird way reminds me of Raising Arizona, "Have you got him his DipTet yet?", "H.I., have we got him his DipTet yet, hon we've got to do that."

So, I've got to figure out how to reset the oil change indicator light. It's not like any others I've done before. Nope, you can't do it from the odometer button while turning the ignition. Not with Herr Von Frankenschnitzel models.
You've got to go into the engine compartment and locate the above device, full of pins and receptacles. Once that is located take a paper clip and make a U shape out of it. Then turn the key to ignition stage II. "Roger that mission control." Now get out of said VonSchnitzel's car and take the paper clip into receptacles 7 and 19.

Is my hair really that thin? Oh man I need help.

Hold it there for exactly 4 seconds. Yes, 4 seconds or the world may end; or Hillary may become President. Joking aside, if you hold it for 11 seconds you'll be resetting a different indicator. Maybe the one that tells us the end is near and HRC is our president.

If done correctly you get the full bar graph as below and I hold my super-husband status for approximately 2 more hours.

Tony Sticks has some good schematic pictures on his site.


Kim said...

Oh Honey you held your super-husband status for at least FOUR more hours. LOL!

Anonymous said...

yes your hair really is that thin...

Lola ( your chihuahua)

ps- I am not "free"....I am a VERY expensive breed, Aye yi yi...you Americans...